Saturday, October 23, 2010


Have I mentioned pie will be my next obsession after I get bread out of my system? (Oh, I tried new bread recipes, I'll post tomorrow.) I want to try tons of new pies for Thanksgiving.

I was searching the internet for various things and found this yummy recipe. Chocolate banana pie from scratch with a snickerdoodle crust. I also found lots of ideas for alternative pie crusts.

Nathan didn't manage to eat all the pineapple bread in a timely manner, so I dried it out, crumbled it, and froze it. I plan to use it for a pie crust. I never seem to have the right amount of food in my fridge. I either have too much because I cooked/baked multiple things, or too little. I just chucked a couple other loaves of bread in the freezer because Nathan isn't eating them. I love having a big freezer!


Golda said...

I love pie! That banana pie and crust sound really good!

Danna said...

We just cooked a pumpkin and made pumpkin pie just because I LOVE IT!! Yummmmmm!!! I love how adventurous you are!! :)

Jaime said...

Mmmm...pie...why did you move so far away from me? :(