Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Blogging my way through a whole lot of bread

A blog I read posted a question recently, "Would you ever consider cooking ALL the recipes in one particular cookbook and/or blogging about it? If so which one would you choose?"

At first I thought NO WAY because I alter recipes like crazy and improvise my way through cooking. But then I realized I don't alter much when I bake. I like my bread cookbook and I decided I would try this challenge!

I have already made several recipes in this cookbook and won't necessarily make those again. I also will skip a few recipes that are plain white bread, because I don't like white bread. I will alter some recipes to use all or part whole wheat flour, if they don't already use it. My goal is to make 1-2 recipes a week and post pictures of the failure or tastiness, depending how it goes.

Here's the real challenge...I'm currently not eating sugar or bread. I won't be able to taste the first few recipes, until I start eating those items again. I will be relying on my loyal taste-tester (Nathan), my coworkers, and some neighbors. If you live reasonably close to me and happen to read this, give me a shout out that you're interested in helping sample my experiments.


Jaime said...

Shout out!!! I'm reasonably close, right? ;)

Amy said...

Need you even ask? You know Adam . . . and the rest of the family would LOVE to help you sample your experiments.

By the way, have you seen Julie and Julia - the Meryl Streep/ Julia childs movie? The library has it - that's how we saw it. It's a pretty good movie (Adam said it was better than it looked) and was about cooking ALL of the recipes in Julia Child's cookbook and blogging about it.

Michelle said...

I am not that close but I would love some good BREAD.. Yummy!

Janice said...

If Jaime is close enough, then so am I. Send some my way too! We can trade, I'll send Amish bread, and you send yeast bread.

Kristen said...

You go girl! I would really like to see John eat anything OTHER than white bread....he's a co-worker right? btw, would you ask him who Paco and Javier are? Thanks!

Gina said...

How fun! I worked my way through Peter Reinhart's Artisan Breads Every Day book. It was the best thing I ever did as far as building my baking skills! I've thought of challenging myself to start another cookbook, but haven't yet.