Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Peasant bread, sourdough starter, and cheese loaves

This recipe was called "cheese loaves" and I substituted part whole-wheat flour and used medium instead of sharp cheese. One group of taste-testers liked it and the other family thought it was tasty, albeit a bit dry, though they couldn't taste the cheese.

I started a batch of sourdough starter several days ago. I find sourdough revolting but I faithfully stir it morning and night. I was searching the internet and found that modern yeast was introduced so you wouldn't have to wait as long for bread to rise. Sourdough was the old way and it takes much longer to rise. However, it's better suited for rye bread. The longer rising time and the way the sourdough interacts with the rye apparently work together to make great rye bread. As my rye bread is always a flat lump, I'm excited to try it out.

Speaking of rye is the peasant bread. It called for bran cereal, cornmeal, rye flour, and white flour. I substituted whole wheat flour for the all-purpose flour and I guess it was more than the yeast could handle, even with added gluten.
Nathan said it tasted fine and wasn't too dense, but my other taste-testers didn't like it at all. They said it was too wheaty. Their dog enjoyed it, hehe.
I've also been busy filling the freezer. I turned 10 lbs. of potatoes into a lot of funeral potatoes. This picture shows all but one of the pans. I made so much that I forgot about one pan in the freezer.
I also froze 10 lbs. of hash browns, corn dog muffins, ginger muffins, peanut butter muffins, and peach muffins. Oh, and 10 lbs. of stuffed potatoes (this was my second batch). I'm down to 10 lbs. of potatoes in the house and I want to do potato soup and then freeze some diced and seasoned. And make potato bread. So many plans!!!


Amy said...

I am constantly amazed at how much you get done. We are very excited about the cheese bread - it looks delicious.

I am learning so much from you - please keep it up. I didn't know that sourdough was the old way instead of using yeast. Shows I'm not much of a baker . . .

Amy said...

Report on the bread:

I don't think I would have known it was cheese bread if you hadn't told me. Adam thought the cheese bread was a little dry, but he enjoyed the sandwiches I made with it and so did I. All in all, it was a good homemade bread - we love homemade bread. [My mom makes it all the time and that's all my parents eat. We eat store-bought Granny Sycamores.]

Thanks again for letting us taste-test . . . and we missed you at the ward activity last night.