Sunday, July 20, 2008


I've spent a lot of time in the kitchen this week and I guess that entitles me to an increased level of mishaps.

Learn from (or laugh at) my mistakes!

* When you put an open sour cream container on the counter, make sure you get it completely on the counter. I had no clue it could splatter that far.

* When shaking a brand new bottle of Worcestershire sauce after peeling off the plastic, don't assume the lid is screwed on completely.

* When making taffy, don't assume that the temperature will rise 10 degrees more during the time it takes you to do XXX task. Check the temperature again!

The End.


Anonymous said...

When taking out anything from the refrig, always assume that the ants will find it when your back is turned. Or the cats. etc.

Michelle said...

when putting a Pizza in the oven, don't assume that the cardboard will be fine at 400 degrees. It practically melted to the oven. Probably because I was not paying attention!

I am so laughing at the mess I made. I'll clean it tomorrow. :0)

Love you and your mistakes! They are learning experiences for everyone.