Thursday, July 17, 2008

Pennies down the stairwell

I work the late shift on Wednesdays, which means 11:30am-8:15pm. The last few hours after the majority of people leave can be stressful or entertaining, sometimes both. Often the phones are very busy after people get off work and have time to call us to sort out all their problems. We're all more relaxed since we have the floor to ourselves and we can call out to each other across the cubicle area. Sometimes we do mini potlucks, order in pizza, etc.

Anyway, last night I just felt the need for a little break and wanted to do something fun and crazy while the phones were slow. My friend Marc and I grabbed a small handful of pennies and headed for the stairwell. We work on the 13th floor. If you look down through the hand rails, you can see all the way down through the railing as it winds down. We competed in dropping pennies and seeing how many floors they fell before they hit a railing. I was horrible at it (I just don't have good aim at anything) but Marc did amazingly well. It only took about 3 minutes but we were dizzy and mildly nauseous by the time we finished, from staring down all those flights of stairs!

I'm sure there will be some happy people today as they miraculously find money while taking the stairs!


Jaime said...

How fun! I love fun at work!

The Thomas Family said...

How great is it to just goof off once in a while!!! Thanks for sharing, I needed a little laugh today!

Michelle said...

Well, you think of the most random fun things to do. I wish I could get away with doing something like that. My co-workers and management are so uptight! Urgg.