Monday, July 21, 2008

Care Bears, Broth, and Kiwi

Now there's a random title for you!

When I uploaded pictures, I found a number of shots depicting Echo posed with my Care Bear. They don't truly nap with it - they just run off with it.

I've made quite a bit of food this past week, including quite a bit of chicken and beef broth. I've rearranged the freezer twice to make everything fit, and there was no way I could fit 4 more jars in there, nor did I care to eat quite that much soup in 90+ degree weather, so....

... I hauled out the pressure canner and my canning book! Voila! Four beautiful quarts of broth and all of them sealed! This was my first time using the jar lifter Nathan bought me for Christmas. It made life so much easier and I didn't get burned for once!

When I was about 10, the produce stand near our house (which has since been replaced by a self-storage facility, so sad) had kiwi, 20 for $1.00. My mom regularly brought home big bags of kiwi and we gorged ourselves on them.

Here's the problem.... in my cheapskate, nostalgic mind, 20 for $1.00 is the price they should always be! I've finally convinced myself that price is nowhere to be found, but now I can't find quality kiwi. They are always rock hard and rot before they ripen.

Imagine how happy I was to find beautifully ripe kiwi, 5 for $1.00, this past week! Let's just say it's been a scrumptious week. I ate sliced kiwi, kiwi-chicken salad sandwiches, and kiwi scooped out with a spoon, which is my favorite way to consume it.


The Millers said...

Kiwi rocks...I love it!

And I'm super jealous of your canning! I have always wanted to learn how to do that. I'm trying to get our Enrichment leader to get a side activity for those of us "youngins" in the ward who've never done it. Glad you didn't get burned, lol.

Michelle said...

Oh, I love Kiwis and I rarely eat them. Mom usually supplies my fruit.. LOL! She buys it in abundance and then it goes to waste before everyone can eat it. So, when I am over there visiting she always sends me home with fruit of some kind. Usually plums, bananas, peaches and or grapes. YUMMY. Today I was over there taking my sister, Kaitlyn to an interview and I came home with peaches and bananas. I was thrilled.


Jaime said...

Yum Kiwi!!!