Monday, February 24, 2014

Random takeaways from the week

1) Strangers and creepers will hit on you no matter what.  Years ago I went to a Violent Femmes concert in a sexy, revealing top.  Some drunk guy tried to grab at me as I walked out.  I figured it wasn't unexpected, given my choice of clothing.  (Note, I am not saying I was "asking for it" and I don't hold to that theory.)  The last few days, for whatever reason, I've attracted some unwanted attention.  The worst incident came when I was wearing a huge t-shirt dragged out of the dirty clothes and had bed hair.  There was nothing cute about me.  So yeah, sometimes there is no logic to people's attraction or lack thereof to you.

2) E-textbooks and online classes are great.  I've had a cold for about a week, with varying levels of misery.  When I'm stuck in bed, it's really easy to study and do my homework on my laptop.  No need to prop up a heavy textbook.  I love technology.

3) I have good people in my life.  People who listen, offer to bring me things when I'm sick, and give good hugs when I need them.  What a blessing!

4) Always take photos with your own phone/camera.  That way you won't be delayed in blogging about a road trip because you're waiting for someone else to send you the best photos of yourself.  I mean, how can I blog about Arizona without the picture of me hugging the "welcome to Arizona" sign? :D


Amy said...

Hope you are feeling better . . . and I hope that means you will be blogging about AZ soon.

Jaime Jenkins said...

Someone grabbed at you???? Grrrrrrr....