Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Life is hard.

Sometimes life is really, really hard.

So tonight I found out my sister Jaime has breast cancer.  I've been freaked out since she found a lump just over a week ago.  I don't know stage/treatment plan yet.  I know that I'm angry.  Angry that this would happen to my sister.  I'm not angry at Heavenly Father. I know He doesn't make bad things happen, but that they do, and it's life, and there are growth opportunities in trials.  I'm scared.  Ultimately I believe she'll be fine.  Medical technology is amazing.  But what if she isn't?  What if treatment is really rough?  There are a lot of questions racing through my head.

I crazy wicked love my sisters.  Even when they dump cold water on me while I'm in the shower, or fart and trap me under the covers.  This can't be real.

*Updated to add a link to my sister's first blog post about this.  She's being so positive. 


Amy said...

Cherish - that is so scary. I am so glad that you share your frustrations, anger and sadness too. I can't imagine how hard that might be. I love my sisters a ton too - there is just more of a bond with a sister than with a brother, I think. My sisters are both pregnant right now and dealing with challenges that come from that (including a child with dwarfism) and it is so hard to want to be there and help them, but not living close enough to do that. I just keep praying for them and hoping that others can fill in the gaps when they need things and do the best I can to help those that I can, cause someone is praying for them too.

Lena said...

I'm so sorry, Cherish! I can imagine how angry and upset you feel right now. Stay strong! Praying for you and your sister!

Danna said...

Cherish I'm sorry for this pain, feel free to call or text or email or visit if you need a listening ear, a bit of love or encouragement or something yummy! XO

Jaime Jenkins said...

It makes me mad too. But it made me laugh to remember dumping water on you. Oh that was fun. :)