Sunday, March 2, 2014

I love my life

Yeah, life is hard sometimes, and I'm still struggling with my sister's news.  Life is good though. I am blessed and happy.  I love looking through the photos on my phone.  There are so many memories there of the last year - of friendship, inside jokes, laughter, pain, and dates.  Some of them I don't want to share, and some don't make sense if you weren't there.  Just for fun though, here are a few.

My friends B and L and I have a running joke about clerk groupies.  About a month ago, the clerk groupies were on the loose and decorated a church clerks' office and left cookies.

My friend and coworker M found hilarious reviews about sugar-free candy with sweeteners that really upset your digestive system if you eat more than a few pieces.  He made a bet, downed a lot of candy...

...and got hit with a wave of unpleasant sensations which lasted a good chunk of the workday.  While he has a cast-iron stomach and escaped the worst possible effects, he had to take frequent crop-dusting walks away from his desk.

After many rounds of a nice man making me crepes, I finally decided I was ready to cross an item off my "make someday" list.  I made a pretty-good looking crepe, then this misshapen failure, followed by a couple more decent ones.  But hey, crepes no longer seem intimidating!  (I still think they're fancy and love when he makes them.)

Several weeks ago, I went to the thrift store with Mystery Man and we picked out outfits for each other.  He went with a retro look for me.

After years of saving ticket stubs, I got smart and started taking pictures of them periodically before tossing them.  Good way to save the memories without the clutter of fading bits of paper.  I just found a bunch of stubs this week and took pictures.

L-R: Row 1) Post-divorce free trip to Disneyland, radio-won concert ticket, free movie screening with friends; 
Row 2) I'm-single-again-splurging-concert with a friend; I'm-single-again-and-I'm-still-taking-myself-to-a-birthday-movie; date with Mystery Man; 
Row 3) souvenir from hanging out with my friend M during divorce waiting period as I tried to adjust again to spending time with men, even just as friends; General Conference with family; date with myself (love to do this periodically!); movie re-connecting with old friend.

Visited The Leonardo science/technology museum for free thanks to that Community Exploration Pass.  I'm a lousy artist and I know it, but I had fun using a touch-screen computerized drawing program to create this butterfly.  


Lena said...

Oh, I totally love your thrift store date idea. I think, I'm stealing it :)

Lena said...

And I'm glad that life goes on for you and that you are enjoying it!

Amy said...

Good for you! I love the idea of taking a picture of the ticket stubs for memories. It's one of the reasons I love having a blog. It forces me to really keep track of what we do and all our memories and it doesn't make a mess like scrapbooking does! Have a great week.

Jaime Jenkins said...

So much fun in one picture!