Sunday, February 2, 2014

Community Exploration Pass

For quite some time, I've thought about checking out a Community Exploration Pass from the downtown Salt Lake library.  It allows four people admission into four museums throughout the month.  There are a limited number, and you have to grab them on the first day of the month.  This month, the 1st was a Saturday and I was already downtown.  I had to get a library card first.  A little background...the Hemet library allowed you to check out 10 items, and I was thrilled when we got Riverside County library cards as kids, because you could get 30 items.  30!  I would walk out with books stacked to my chin.  Imagine the uncontrollable smile that broke out on my face when the librarian told me this new library card allowed me to check out 100 items at a time.  100!!!!!!  If I hadn't been short on time, I probably would have immediately started browsing.  I got the second to last Exploration Pass, and the library had only been open for two hours.

I plan to share the rest of the admissions with a friend whose birthday is this month, but yesterday I used the children's museum, because I don't think they'll want that part.  This particular kids' museum wasn't the most fascinating for me, but it was free fun.  I was hanging out with Mystery Man that day and he opted to go.  Because we didn't have a child with us, we had to leave our IDs at the front desk.  I didn't want to waste the extra two admissions, so we covered two people behind us.  Good deed for the day!

The first floor was definitely for younger ages, but the water pump was cool.

They had a section where you could move around objects and capture images to create an animated story.  Halfway through Mystery Man's story, some little girl walked over, stole Mr. Potato Head's eyes, and ran back to her own creation.   

The best part may have been the gift shop at the end, where he tried out every single puppet, complete with voices.

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Amy said...

Sounds like fun. I was just there with Josh last week for his field trip. Did you intentionally blur Mystery Man's face so we couldn't get a good look at him? :)