Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Adventures in dancing

I get dizzy really easily when turning in dancing, which is a problem.  I have to sit out a couple songs after country triple step, and sometimes tell my partner to stop turning me in lessons/dancing.  I know the concept of spotting, but I can't seem to make it work.  Somewhere on the internet, I found that some people take motion sickness pills before ballroom/swing dancing.  I tried it last night, and while I didn't dance much, I could tell a huge difference in my balance/dizziness.  I'm so excited to test it out again next week!

There's a man at Tuesday dancing who always wants to dance with me, and I never want to dance with him. (He's a nice guy - I just dislike his dance style.)  I can only put him off so often.  Waltzing with him makes me dislike waltzing.  I can waltz decently with other partners throughout all their tricks, even if I am not familiar with a certain step.  But with him, I can't seem to follow what he's doing at all.  It feels like his steps don't match the beat.  Worse yet, he prefers very proper posture for waltzing.  Before we can start, he'll insist on me holding my head, shoulders, and arms just right.  It's not fun!

Anyway, a couple weeks ago he made me promise that I'd dance with him the following week.  I wasn't feeling well and skipped that week, but I was keenly aware of my promise.  Near the end of last night, I wanted to dance to a song and there weren't many available partners.  I saw him and decided I should fulfill my obligation.  He was happy that I'd grabbed him, and I was fine...until it dawned on me that this was a waltz.  Of all the songs to pick.  Muddled my way through, trying to smile, until suddenly he wedged his leg between mine, held me way too close, and started spinning us in circles.  Personal space violation!  I laughed awkwardly.  Thankfully the song ended shortly and I think he almost dropped me when dipping me, then kept his arm around me as we walked off the dance floor.

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