Monday, January 27, 2014

Food + dates = avoid at all costs

It's 10PM and I'm eating.  Not because I suddenly craved a bedtime snack, but because I was so hungry for dinner.  I have weird issues about eating in front of people unless I'm comfortable with them, and eating on dates makes me especially nervous.  If given the option to include food in a date, I will make an excuse.  A dinner date sounds like pure torture to me.  Near the end of tonight with Mystery Man, I said I wasn't very hungry.  We ended up going back to his place, where he made a sandwich and I nibbled on a couple slices of ham.  It was all I could convince myself to eat.

Not only that, but I get so nervous before dancing or dates that food doesn't agree with the butterflies in my stomach.  I'll usually eat maybe one bite of something to keep my blood sugar stable.  I end up being super hungry most of the time while dancing or on a date.  And that's what brings me here, to this 10PM meal of stuffed mexi-fries.


Amy said...

I'm chuckling right now. I don't think I knew that about you. I love dinner dates - a chance to try new foods! Adam is the best person to go with too - we each pick something we both like and then we split it so we get to try two different things.

Jaime Jenkins said...

OK you seriously have to get over that. Get as many free dinners as you can!!!