Thursday, January 16, 2014

Pie party

In early December, I threw a pie party with my friend Drew.  We made a ton of pie, and one person came who was new to the U.S. and had never tried pie before!  He didn't know where to begin, so we had him start with pumpkin and apple and work up from there.

I tried a new chocolate crust this time.  Easy, and tastes good.  Problem is the edges burn easily.  I used the chocolate crust for the frozen peanut butter pie and the chocolate coconut custard pie.  Pretty much picture German chocolate cake in pie form and you've got this sucker.  Here's a sampler I made with the extra filling. It was a-MAZ-ing!  Definitely a make-again.  I hate to steal the recipe from the cookbook so I won't post it here.

Drew made pumpkin and apple.  I made chocolate coconut custard, banana cream with Nilla wafer crust, frozen PB with chocolate crust, raspberry cream (one I've liked before), eggnog, and Toll house cookie.  A few lucky guests took home extra pies, and I enjoyed the leftover cream pies when my mouth was in agony after wisdom teeth extraction.


Amy said...

Sounds like a fun party! I'm still thinking about the PB pie. My mother-in-law used to live in a ward where a family hosted a pie party every year around Thanksgiving and before Christmas and they did that instead of neighbor gifts.

Jaime Jenkins said...

Oh my gosh my kind of party!!! Next time you need to do it on pi day.