Sunday, October 6, 2013

Peaches, pancakes, and plums, oh my!

My friend (and previous coworker) Rob has been wanting to learn how to can for a couple years.  This year we finally found a sale on peaches, scheduled a day, and convinced a friend to loan his kitchen because Rob is highly allergic to cats.  I purchased peaches for both of us, loaded up my car with jars and canning supplies, and got ready to start this weeknight adventure.

Rob, however, never arrived.  Between a meeting that ran late, the failure to write down the address, and a dying phone battery...I ended up canning much too late and then having to scrub down my friend's kitchen.  I was grateful to have accomplished peach canning, but I could have done it at home and gotten more sleep.

That night was also busy because Rachel flew into town, on her way back to BYU-Idaho.  I wanted to see her and Sarah, and we were going to eat German food together, but the night was so busy.  I managed to drop off German food at another friend's house and later the crowd stopped by the canning location to say hi.  

It's been a tricky situation, because Nathan really does not want me associating with his family in any way, but these are my sisters and I love them.  We don't talk nearly as much and I try not to mention visits, but I loved catching up with Rachel and hearing about her summer internship.  She has really grown and she's amazing.  We shared some leftover peach slices with sugar, vanilla, and nutmeg - fighting to slurp off the spoon before the other person could get it to their mouth.

(I love that I captured the juice falling out of her mouth!) 

When I got divorced, I needed to find more single friends.  I've been blessed in that area, and had fun going to the Utah State Fair with a couple friends.  We walked all over scoping out the food, petting goats, and laughing.  I don't know how I didn't feel sick after sharing deep-fried Oreos and cheesecake.  My teeth ached for the rest of the night.

I made chocolate cookie bites with Rolos in the middle, using my mini muffin tin.  They were yummy.  I have another Rolo cookie recipe I want to try, but Rolos aren't cheap!  

Shortly before Rob quit his job, he moved into my cubicle.  He randomly sings throughout the day and was a lot of fun.  On his last day, we wrapped almost everything on his desk in Christmas paper, because he'd been singing Christmas carols the day before.

I was given delicious plums and after sharing them, put up 13 spiced quarts.

I'm still working with the Young Women at church and love them to pieces.

I've been enjoying watching the semi-annual LDS General Conference this weekend.  The messages have been uplifting, as always.  I watched Saturday sessions with a friend, and we had pancakes for lunch.

Other than that, life has been full of studying, dancing, super creamy hot chocolate made from scratch with coconut milk (dairy hates me lately), elk chili, cleaning and rearranging the house, walking in crunchy leaves, adjusting to Windows 8 on my new laptop, and just enjoying life.

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Amy said...

Loved the update! I'm in YW's now and going a little crazy at the moment. Hopefully I can get things figured out quickly!