Sunday, September 8, 2013

What have you created this week?

When I was grieving after my miscarriage, my sister Jaime told me that I needed to create something because there was healing power in creating.  That was the year I canned more than I have ever canned in one canning season.  I pushed myself harder than I should have because I needed to lose myself in work.  I don't consider myself to be a crafty person.  Jaime can whip up adorable quilts and wreaths and sewn greeting cards.  Janice can crochet beautiful blankets and dishcloths without even thinking.  I could probably count on one hand the number of times I've used a hot glue gun in my life.  But I can create tastiness.  I still find satisfaction in opening a jar of caramel spice apple butter or vanilla flavored plum halves that I created two autumns ago.

I love this video.  I am touched every time I watch it and reminded of how much potential I have.

This week I created snowflake earrings from a little kit, a big pot of sausage-veggie-rice soup using broth I had previously made and frozen, and cookies with mini choc chips, coconut extract, and Almond Joy pieces (like M&Ms).

I bought the little Almond Joy pieces on my CA road trip and didn't like them.  Didn't like the crunch, didn't like the food coloring, but thought they'd potentially make good cookies.  I halved my normal chocolate chip cookie recipe, added a little coconut extract, and threw in the remaining Almond Joy pieces.  The cookies were super tasty!

Soup is definitely a creation, filled with time and thought and constant tweaking as I taste it.  It's so satisfying at the end when it tastes good in addition to warming my tummy.

What have you created this week?

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Amy said...

Well, I guess you can count my planning for roundtable as a creation . . . hopefully a fun, helpful training for the leaders, along with an informative and attractive newsletter.

Oh, and I'm hoping to add to my canning too!