Thursday, October 24, 2013

Christmas neighbor gifts

I hate walking into stores in October and finding Christmas decorations on the shelves.  But I just got tickets to a free Christmas concert I love, which is in mid-November, and it got me thinking about neighbor gifts for this year.  I had my heart set on making bread (not just sweet bread like banana).  Then I was given a bag of tasty-looking Halloween Chex mix and it reminded me of a drool-worthy Chex mix recipe I have saved on Pinterest.

What should I do for neighbor gifts this year?  

There's a poll on the right. Thanks!


Rebecca H. Jamison said...

You are so productive. I'm just doing popcorn like I do every year. Is that a new picture of you on the right? It's really good. I love that color of blue.

Amy said...

I am torn - I love quick breads, but the chex mix sounds a little healthier, since you can munch just a little. But I don't like pretzels and so many of those snack mixes have pretzels. Even so, I think I'm voting the chex mix.