Monday, April 1, 2013


Easter should always include a new skirt.  I got this one for $3 at the thrift store a few weeks ago and have been saving it for Easter.  I love it!  It's cute and comfortable.

Easter should never again include a cake called Decadent Chocolate Delight which is made in the crock-pot.  It burned around the edges and the flavor wasn't great.  Thankfully the cookies and cream ice cream made it work out okay.  I'm not sold on crock-pot cakes.


Amy said...

Good to know about the crock-pot cakes. Never tried it and now I think I will put that on my list of NOT to try.

Cute skirt - I always had a new dress for Easter as a kid, but I got new jeans this year. Need them more than a new skirt, since my jeans don't fit so good anymore.

Jaime said...

That is darling!!