Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A week's happenings

Monday 3/11 - Called a radio station and won tickets to a performance - so exciting!

Wednesday - Bought a used Love Sac after bargaining down the price.  (Nathan took the old one.)

Friday - Went with a friend to use those free tickets (Calvin Harris in Park City).  I've never been to a performance in a club before...it seems the time on the ticket is when the door opens.  We spent forever people watching.  My friend was getting a cold and feeling worse as we stood around in a room that kept getting hotter and more packed.  When she gasped that she couldn't breathe, we moved close to the door.  She was a good sport to stick it out that long while feeling lousy, but when the show still hadn't started after 11:30pm, I agreed we could leave.  Honestly it was a letdown.  I was hoping for a fun night of dancing but since she was sick, we didn't dance, and then we missed the main event.  Oh well.  Life goes on.

Saturday - Started cleaning up and rearranging the dungeon to put the Love Sac where I wanted.  Vacuum overheated and stopped working.  I should really see if it's working now.
                - Discovered I like birch beer.  (No, it's not alcohol - it's soda.)
                - Went to my first church singles activity since the divorce.  (Grandma - if you're reading this, I'm not looking for a new husband, just some new friends.)  Spent a couple hours playing games and chatting with strangers.

Monday - Had a hard day at work and just plain hurt.  I came home and for a brief moment turned into one of those crazy people.  You know, the ones that say, "I hurt and I'm stressed - let me go for a run to get rid of my pain and clear my mind!"  It worked while I was out there.  I felt good and let go of the stress.  About two seconds after I hit the house, the stabbing pain in my low back and the constant pain between my shoulder blades returned, but now I also had upset lungs, sore feet, and tired legs.  I spent about 40 minutes struggling to breathe normally between the pain and the angsty lungs, propped myself against the shower wall to take a shower, and spent the next little while with an ice pack on my throbbing big toes and a hot pack on my chest.  But hey, it was fun being one of "those people" while it lasted.


Amy said...

You make me smile. Hope you are feeling better today. I am only a little like those crazy people - I enjoyed my run outside last week, but my left calf hurt for days after. But I still went for a bike ride the next day.

Birch beer? Never heard of it - where did you get it?

Love the love sac - I enjoy reading to Josh on the huge one at the library.

Lena said...

I'm really glad you are getting out and making new friends!! Your new Love Sac looks awesome!