Sunday, March 10, 2013

Things I'm currently enjoying

My sister pointed out yesterday that half of my posts lately are about running.  Valid point.  It's not that I'm obsessed.  It's that my life is full of change and self-discovery and weaknesses, and with the recent divorce, I'm not comfortable sharing everything in this public venue.  I try to share a little more on FB, because I can limit my audience.  Some people dropped me as a FB friend because of the divorce.  As part of this fun adventure, I've chosen to cut a big chunk of my FB friends.  No longer do I want to add everyone I know from work or prior parts of my life.  I keep dropping people.  If I honestly don't care about your life or staying in touch, or you never bother to say anything to me or acknowledge my statuses/photos/existence, then I don't feel safe having you know all about my life.  If you care enough to want to know what's happening with me, call me.  Text me.  Invite me to hang out.  I'll do the same.

Okay now let's get down to the fun part.  :-)  Things I like right now:

- Going somewhere right after work if I want without having to check in or worry about making dinner

- My emptier-feeling house and kitchen cupboards.  Dividing up the household is an effective albeit painful way to declutter.

- Purple.  It may be taking over blue's position as my favorite color.

- Knights of Shame by AWOLNATION.  It's about 15 minutes long and I like to crank it up in the car every couple days. Or twice a day.  

- Retail therapy.  I've needed to replace some clothing and household items for a long time.  It's fun to make whatever choices I want, as long as I can fit it within budget.

- Rebates from my credit union.  Bought a cheeseburger from In n' Out Yesterday.  After rebate, 17 cents.  Bought the expensive food my cats require to avoid urinary tract crystals and expensive vet visits.  20% rebate.

- Eating like I'm single.  Fast food, frozen dinners, prepared food.  I dirty like one spoon and glass a day.  It's a fun splurge.

- Hot chocolate made with coconut milk.  YUM!

- Not being scared to come home at night to a dark house.  Not scared to be home alone on windy nights when windows are rattling.  The irrational fears have mostly disappeared since I started living alone.

- The new Oz movie.  Saw it opening night.  I didn't even get bored, which is odd for me.  I highly recommend it.  They did a great job of working in elements from the original movie without just copying them exactly.

- My new gray hoodie.  It's soft, warm, comfy, and reminds me of the one my sister loaned me briefly while she was on her mission, until she missed it and reclaimed it.


Amy said...

I love your list (and I'm so glad that I'm still a friend on facebook). That is so sad that some people dropped you after the divorce - certainly their loss. I like hearing about the things that you enjoy with your new found 'freedom' - there are a few that make me a little jealous :) Have a great day - you are awesome.

Jaime said...

Awesome!!! It's funny your fears went away after the tension left the house. Spirit restored.