Sunday, February 19, 2012

Nothing going on here

The highlights of our life this week:

- I've been sick again.  I think I'm finally on the mend.
- Nathan's face is healing nicely after his surgery.  He doesn't want me to share photos.
- We got our tax refund, yay!
- We booked our flight to the family reunion in Minnesota this summer.  Thank goodness for that tax refund.
- I opened the first jar of apricot nectar, looked at all I canned last year, and thought, "I'm amazing!"
- I made mini cherry-chocolate pies when we had company for dinner.  It was so fun to serve hot-from-the-oven, individually-sized desserts.


Danna said...

My dad had a good size chunk of cancerous skin taken froom his face a few years ago. It left a good size divit that then hardened pretty bad with scar tissue. It is expensive but Mederma (or the fake stuff) is well worth it. My dad used it not to "look pretty" but because the hardening scar was uncomfertable and made some facial movements harder.

Amy said...

You are amazing! What did you cook the mini-pies in? I've been thinking about investing in ramekins or individual size baking dishes just because I think it would be fun serving the dinner or treats that way. I think it makes it extra special. Hope you get feeling better - we missed you last night.

Lena said...

Get better soon! We missed you at the party. And apricot nectar sounds so yummy. I probably wouldn't have anything left by now :)You have a lot more patience than Ido if it's your first jar!

Rebecca H. Jamison said...

That jalepeno jam we won was really good. Hope you feel better.

Jaime said... pies...