Saturday, February 25, 2012

My awesome stash of TP

Is it sad that I'm excited by a good sale on toilet paper?  It's one of the few areas where I'm a brand name snob. I won't buy cheap TP, so I try to watch for good sales on Charmin.  I usually have a decent stash of it.  I figure prices keep going up, so why not?

It's always seemed to me that roll sizes are getting smaller at the same time that prices are rising, but today I proved it.  I bought mega roll packages equivalent to 48 "normal" rolls.  As I was stashing the new packages, I noticed an older package that was also equivalent to 48 "normal" rolls.  The difference is almost 9% in length.  Can you see it?

A couple weeks ago, Target had a decent sale on TP and some of the packages included coupons.  I chose those packages.  This week there was another sale.  I bought TP and paper towels on sale.  The sale gave me $5 gift cards for every two packages.  I used the coupons to get an extra $1 off each package and a free tub of Charmin wipes (normally $2.49) with each package of TP.  And my Target card gave me an extra 5% discount.  That was fun.  :-)

Just in case you're as excited by a good stash as I am, here are some pictures.  I don't need to buy any TP for awhile.  I won't need paper towels for another 10 years or so, at the rate we use them.


Danna said...

I always feel quite happy with myself when my TP is stacked high!! ;) But I'm a recycled TJ's TP gal myself!!

Amy said...

I won't skimp on TP either. The good stuff all the way! We have almost always used Charmin, but just opened a package of Cottonelle and I really like that too! I just don't have any more room to store TP right now. Love Target's 5% discount too - I'm always buying shoes there.

Jaime said...

Love the stash!