Sunday, November 6, 2011

Christmas pies?

I really don't like thinking about Christmas already, but realistically I have to do a little planning in advance so December isn't a nightmarish sleep-deprived month. Although...I won't be working OT like I have for the past several years, and that should help.


I'm thinking about skipping Christmas cookies this year. So many people are avoiding gluten and/or sugar, or are trying to lose weight.

I'm also contemplating the idea of giving away pies instead of plates of cookies. Not very conventional, I know, but it sounds tasty.

Feel free to cast your vote over on the side or leave a comment.


Amy said...

I voted - a pie! But I can imagine how much work that would be, so as much as we would love to receive a pie, giving cookies seems easier. But we all know that we are loved, so if it comes down to enjoying Christmas by giving nothing - go with that for sure!

Jaime said...

I say, kick your feet up and just enjoy the season!

Amy Snell said...

Sounds yummy!! I give away CHIPS and SALSA :) its such a fun change up from all the sweets everyone gets...I make some pretty darn good salsa, so I'm told and people are more then willing to accept it :)