Thursday, May 5, 2011

Three things Thursday - thankful

My sister's been doing this thing on her blog, listing three things she's thankful for each Thursday. Day's almost done, but finally remembering to do it!

The tulips were late in blooming this year, but they are as beautiful as ever. I'm amazed at the variety of colors. Today when I came home, they were all tipped toward the sun.

I'm thankful for my squishy monsters. Picasso sometimes wakes me up during the night with loud meowing outside the closed bedroom door, accompanied with scratching and doorknob rattling. I get up to pet him and shush him, and sometimes I step on the little stuffed Tigger rattle. He brings it to our door during the night once in awhile.

I'm thankful for my bed. Dear, wonderful waterbed. How I love your warmth in the winter. I love sinking into my waterbed. It always feels WONDERFUL at the end of a day. I'm thankful that my sister Janice hooked Jaime on waterbeds, who hooked me on waterbeds. I'm thankful that Janice swapped waterbeds with me when I got married so we could have a bigger one, and my nephew (who inherited the love of waterbeds) could have mine (which used to be Jaime's). Did you get lost in that story? Bottom line, I'm thankful for it. :-)

What are you thankful for today?


Jaime said...

YES!! New blog post!! I ADORE tulips, you're so lucky! I can't believe you put up with that cat in the middle of the night, and I like your new room setup!!

Amy said...

Love the flowers! I am thankful for beautiful TX weather, finally being able to wear shorts and spend time with my Mom!