Saturday, May 7, 2011

Homemade deodorant, version 2

Remember my previous attempt at homemade deodorant? It worked effectively for awhile. Nathan's pits started hurting, which was a known possibility. He switched back to commercial deodorant.

It worked well for me much longer. I'm not sure if it wasn't mixed evenly or what, but eventually it didn't work right. I didn't smell like B.O., but on hot days I smelled like non-smelly sweat. You know how the back of your shirt smells after your back sweats? Like that. It made me uncomfortable, so I went back to commercial deodorant.

I hated that I was using that nasty stuff again, and eventually it stopped working effectively too. I've noticed that I have to rotate deodorant periodically to a new brand, because one stops working.

Yesterday I finally made the new recipe I'd been eyeballing. I put approx 2 oz. witch hazel with 20 drops tea tree essential oil and 16 drops lavender essential oil.

Can you see the tiny oil droplets mixed in?

Anyway, only one day into the trial, so I'm not sure how it works yet. It worked fine yesterday. I smelled lightly of lavender, and I didn't stink after getting hot crawling around desks rearranging a computer lab. I'll keep you posted! While I'll be doing frequent pit checks (and making Nathan sniff me, haha), if you are around me and notice I stink, TELL ME!


Amy said...

Ha, ha . . . I'll try to let you know if you stink, but Nathan is probably the best one to do that :)

Danna said...

I too have had an issue with natural deodorants, I use a main stream anti-persprant for Sundays and other places I have to talk to people (I have a little bit of, I don't know what to call it, stranger anxiety?) And I sweat when I have to talk to people. :)

Jaime said...

I will totally tell you if you stink!! The 2 times of year I actually see you that is. :(