Saturday, April 23, 2011

Knott's, how I miss you

Knott's berry punch.....mmmm. My MIL buys me a bottle of concentrate for Christmas every couple of years, and I hoard that stuff like you wouldn't believe. It seriously lasts me 1-2 years.

When Nathan and I were newlyweds, we lived about 10 minutes away from Knott's Berry Farm. We bought annual passes for a really cheap price. We didn't use them very often on busy days, but I have very fond memories of our time at Knott's. Here's how it normally went:

20-30 minutes before closing, one of us would look at the clock and say, hey, wanna go to Knott's?

We would jump in the car, zoom there, and park in the free short-term parking. There was almost always a single spot available. If not, we'd circle around and have better luck. This parking is nice and close.

We would RUN through the annual pass office, because the main gates were already closed, and RUN to the ride we wanted. RUN through the empty walkways and right up to the front, just in time. Then we'd stroll out of the park hand in hand, listening to the music they play at closing. The park was quiet and fairly deserted.

I'm too scared to keep my eyes open on Ghostrider in the daytime, but at night, I love to look around. This was usually our ride of choice, since it was the closest to the entrance.

Sometimes we'd spend more time there, and we'd splurge on punch to share. I struggle with my blood sugar at times, and this was one of the worse periods in my life. Any other non-100% juice would make me nauseous/headache-y within a few sips, but not Knott's boysenberry punch. I've never figured out why.

So now, whenever I decide to bust out the punch, I remember all those frantic runs through the park just before closing, and smile. :)


Jaime said...

Oh man, good times! I love that stuff. :)

Danna said...

I always loved the quote about the memory of June roses in January, it is nice to have those memories during harder times! :)

Golda said...

That sounds like so much fun!

Amy said...

What fun memories - sounds like a fun place! And a delicious drink. I've been in the mood for some spring/summer drink - like cherry limeade. Yum!

laxsupermom said...

What a beautiful story! I love that you'd pop in for that last ride of the day. Thanks for sharing.

Jaime said...

I found another "Cherish" blog. :)