Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My mint is up!

I've had no interest in planting a garden this year...haven't bought seeds, pulled weeds, anything. Our tulips haven't even bloomed yet. This morning I noticed that my mint survived the winter and new growth shoots are popping up through the bark! Even better, the chocolate mint transplants (only planted a few weeks before snow) also survived!

That was all it took....I hopped online and just finished ordering seeds and plants! In the last few years, I've used the seeds I bought the first year we lived here. They're mostly gone now and I'm branching out.

2 raspberry plants
6 multi-colored heirloom tomato plants
3 yellow and red pear tomato plants
6 strawberry plants made to survive cold winters
jerusalem artichokes
brussels sprouts
swiss chard
bush beans
butternut squash


Jaime said...

Woo Hoo!! Go garden go!!

Tom said...

We can get you as many strawberry starts as you want. I also have raspberry plants we can get you starts from. I am sure we will have plenty of extra tomatoes again this year as well if you want to can more in the summer..

Amy said...

Congratulations! Where do you order your plants and seeds from? I also want to hear how your artichokes turn out - so you'll have to post about your harvest in the future.