Thursday, November 4, 2010

Onion rolls & Cereal-seed Bread

Two more recent bread recipes. This first one is Onion Rolls. They are white rolls with egg yolk and rehydrated onions on top. I'm really looking forward to the pastry brush my sister is buying me for Christmas! It's such a pain to brush bread without it.

I substituted all whole wheat flour and my taste-tester said they were a little dry but the flavor was good. They smelled so good that I thought they might be a new favorite but Nathan did not agree.

I also made the 7-grain cereal bread again, but with a million substitutions. I didn't have enough 7-grain cereal, so I added oatmeal. Instead of eggs, I used ground flax seed. Then I decided to add even MORE ground flax seed (about 3/4 C total), as well as caraway and poppy seeds. I threw in more honey to compensate for all the seeds. I think I might have also used powdered buttermilk in place of regular milk. It looked so pretty as it rose, speckled with seeds. I've been seeing seed twist breads on the internet and this was my impromptu adaptation.

I actually have no idea how it tastes. I gave one loaf to the turkey grower and the other one I threw in the freezer, because Nathan is way behind on eating bread, both sweet and regular. I bought him a lot of lunchmeat on clearance so he should catch up soon and I'll let you know!


Jaime said...

Wow, you are so brave with your substitutions!

Amy said...

I just have to say this past week's sacrament bread was delicious! Even better than the week before. It was making me wish that I had conspired with Adam and Greg to swap out the bread :)