Friday, November 26, 2010

Halloween and Chick-Fil-A

We pretty much skipped Halloween this year. It was on Sunday, I was feeling broke, and I just didn't see the need. Easy to avoid trick or treaters - we just closed the gate and wrapped a chain around it. However, we did have a potluck at work and trick-or-treating at desks. I made jello salad with these adorable gummi butterflies on top and gummi worms buried in the jello.

I spent all of $1.25 at Winco to pick up some surprisingly good, cheap candy, and filled these adorable pumpkin jars that Nathan got a few years ago.

A new Chick-Fil-A opened in Logan (colder than here) and Nathan went with his friend to win more free meals. They were up most of the night packing the car and left just before 4am for the 2-hour drive north.

Nathan hates cold, so I was really worried about him. There was an ample supply of hot chocolate, and instead of ice cream before bed, CFA fed them soup.
It's so fun walking through the drive-through to get each of your meals!

Jeff bought this hat for the occasion and it cracks me up. He looks like a redneck hunter who should be sitting in a swamp with a shotgun.
A group of college students went dumpster-diving right before the campout and brought this treasure with them.
One girl wore these awesome footie PJ's to stay warm.
Jeff survived almost to the end of limbo and then his chin bumped the stick.

No one froze by morning, although Nathan was chilled for the next day and got sick (probably due to the lack of sleep.)
I hate being home alone at night, and not only was I alone that night, but he came home and went to a midnight showing of Harry Potter the next night. No wonder he got sick! I've been working lots of OT, so between me being gone and him being sick for a few days, the house is a disaster. Guess what I'm doing today? :P


Jaime said...

What you ALWAYS do on your day off? :P

Amy said...

I LOVE that jello. What a fun idea! We also like Winco. We've picked up our free stuff this month and everytime I go, I treat the boys to a handful of chocolate or yogurt covered pretzels. And it's only about $.25. Love their bulk section.