Wednesday, November 3, 2010

BBQ breadsticks

Dear Life:

Please slow down. I don't have time to read blogs, let alone write one.


I tried a new recipe over a week ago. These are BBQ breadsticks. They are basically a soft dough with BBQ sauce (I used the homemade kind) and dried onions mixed in. You are supposed to roll them into very thin sticks that turn out crunchy. I did that for awhile and ran out of time, so the remainder are big and fat. Turns out they are better fat and soft.

I made beef-veggie soup to go with them and had friends over for dinner. Nathan and our friends enjoyed them so much that Nathan wants these for Thanksgiving dinner instead of rolls.

I also gave some to a taste-tester but didn't even tell them what they were! I got this comment: "They were really good and went great with our dinner (everyone ate them, even before dinner was ready) . But we're curious what they are called and what went in them because of their unique color :)" Sorry, now you know!


Jaime said...

Hooray for a great new recipe!! You're awesome!!

Amy said...

Wow - BBQ! Don't think I would have guessed that - it wasn't overwhelming like sometimes BBQ sauce can be. I can't wait to tell Adam. Thanks again.