Monday, October 4, 2010

Friends, family, and food!

I wouldn't say it was an awesome weekend, but it had good parts! Nathan's brother and good friend were both in town, and Nathan's mom is still in town, staying with a friend.

On Saturday night, I had girls' night. I shared pear sauce and zucchini bread and we laughed while trying out the card game version of Clue.

On Sunday night, we had Jacob and Danny over for dinner. I made dessert that was sorta like lava cake, reheated cornbread from the freezer and tomato herb bread from the fridge, and made a cross between taco soup and chili.

I'll probably never manage to duplicate it, but it was good. I simmered kidney and pinto beans in tomato juice for hours. It turned out nice and thick. It also includes onion, garlic, jalapeno, Anaheim pepper, corn, yellow zucchini, ground beef, pepperoni, green chiles, parsley, basil, buttermilk, onion powder, chili powder, white pepper, salt, and cumin.
This morning I got to sleep in because I have an appointment at 8:30 to get blood drawn to check a ton of things. Fun, fun!


Amy said...

Looks delicious!

An appointment at 8:30? - not much sleeping in, but better than not at all!

Jaime said...

I love girls night!!