Saturday, October 2, 2010

5 years living in Utah + other random food

I made butterscotch brownies for my friend's birthday. I ate a bite and regretted it, although I liked them. Nathan said not to make them again - he only wants chocolate brownies. :P

We did an off-site training at work and I volunteered to make treats. We had juice, fruit, zucchini bread, and buttermilk-cinnamon bread. It was all well-received.

I should know better than to bake when I'm overly tired. The first batch of buttermilk-cinnamon bread overflowed and burned horribly, because I accidentally put the oven at 400 instead of 350 degrees. The picture doesn't truly show how bad it was.

Batch #2.

We've lived in Utah for 5 years so we had a commemorative dinner, with foods representing Utah and California.

For California:
Guacamole & chips
We were supposed to have California rolls but it didn't happen.

For Utah:
Jello (100% blueberry-pomegranate juice so I could eat it)
Tater tots & fry sauce (I fell in love with Sonic when we moved here b/c they had tater tots and I'd never had them before.)

To round out this random collection:
Deviled eggs
Pigs in a blanket with homemade pizza dough
Meatball pizza (I had a little extra dough)

Look at my adorable baby pumpkin centerpiece!
I had never before made pigs in a blanket. I put powdered mustard in the dough and put a touch of cheese in with each hot dog. Nathan said they were good.
I managed to completely overdo and skimp on sleep the last few days doing all this and more, and came home Friday night thinking I was getting sick. I fell asleep early and slept for 12 hours and felt fine the next day, thankfully.


Jaime said...

You're nuts!!! But I love you. And it all sounds delicious. :)

Golda said...

Yum, I love butterscotch anything. And do you mean you never had tater tots before five years ago!?! My husband would eat them everyday if he could.