Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tomatillo salsa

For a few brief moments, I finally reached my goal of using every jar in my house, with the exception of 4 that have chipped rims and can't be used for canning (I'll use them in freezing next time). I thought I was going to accomplish this last year, until I found 2 dozen quarts that were buried. :( Anyway, I'm super proud of myself! Of course later in the day we finished eating a few things and 3 more jars became available. **I just went back and counted, and I have 22-23 dozen jars, some of which are still filled from prior years, so don't think I canned all that this year.

I'm pleased to announce that unless I'm unexpectedly given more free produce, canning season is DONE! Hallelujah!

I've never used tomatillos before but they were on sale and I wanted to try my hand at salsa verde or green enchilada sauce. The smell of roasting tomatillos and the salsa itself was so incredibly good that I now want to do this every year. I love enchiladas made with green sauce but hate the ingredients in store-bought sauce, so it would be a good home-canned staple. I only bought enough to make 2 quarts.


Golda said...

Yum! I love tomatillo salsa. I've never canned, but would really like to start.

Jaime said...

Hooray hooray hooray!!!!

Danna said...

I am verry glad that my mom started growing and canning tomatillo goodies! (Plus it lets me be a little lazy and not do it myself)!! YUMMMMM!!

Amy said...

I just barely finished filling every available space putting all our canning away. What a relief - I don't have to look at it anymore. I also think I am ready to declare canning season over - though you never know what produce may come your way.

I have never really cooked with tomatillos before. You'll have to tell me what you did - the Entheos garden has tomatillos, but I only have used them to make the Cafe Rio dressing.

killakasie said...

Looks lovely! We have a recipe for soup that uses tomatillos. It's really good and you bake it in a pumpkin, which is cool all by itself!