Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spicy cake doughnuts and French lemon spirals

My first attempt at doughnuts was a success! Yay! This recipe, Spicy Cake Doughnuts, had spices in the dough and cinnamon sugar coating.

The plate stacked up rapidly with holes, doughnuts, and leftover random shapes.
Mmm. They were so good hot. I'm in love with fresh doughnuts now. The mouths in my own house deem this recipe a success, as well as my taste-testers, who enjoyed them after they had cooled down. (See the first comment for the full report.)

The second recipe I made yesterday was French Lemon Spirals. They were made like cinnamon rolls, except they weren't bunched up together in a pan. The recipe didn't call for icing, but I thought they needed a little something. I made lemon icing, which worked out nicely.

I wasn't overly impressed with the flavor, but they were fine. My taste-testers really enjoyed them!


Amy said...

Report on the donuts - they were great. We tried them both warmed up in the microwave and room temperature and actually preferred not warming them up. I like the little crunch from not warming them up. Can't say how they taste just freshly cooked, but they were great a few hours later! Thanks - we love being taste testers, though it makes watching my weight a challenge.

Jaime said...

Oh for yum!! Maybe it is good we have some distance. I would have no self-control!

Lisa said...

Sorry I am so late in reporting! We actually really enjoyed the Lemon Spirals. Marty ate two (really fast) I had one and then he actually thought he could fight me for the last one. I caved and we shared it. Yum!