Sunday, April 18, 2010

Garden Batter Bread

For dinner, we had ham, funeral potatoes, green beans, and Garden Batter Bread (which had carrots, parsley, and wheat germ in it).

I just love butter-soaked corn flakes, ready to top a dish of funeral potatoes.

This bread recipe was another no-knead one to be baked in a casserole dish. As you can see, it stuck horribly.

It looks good from this side though. ;)
Nathan and I both thought it was a good match for the rest of the food, but not that amazing. It called for fresh parsley and raw carrot, neither of which I had. I used partly-reconstituted dried carrots and dried parsley. That might have made a large difference in the flavor, but we'll never know, since I'm not making it again.

Edited to add: It tastes MUCH better the next day! The texture is better and the flavor too!

If you'd like to taste it, stop by! I'm too lazy tonight to deliver samples.


Amy said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures too. It's nice to see not everything you cook comes out perfectly :)

Michelle said...

If I were closer I would be over all the time to sample your food. I know you're a great cook Cherish!

Jaime said...

Vegetables in your bread?!?! What a cool trick!