Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cooking from scratch!

I've been reading a series of weekly cross-postings on 4 blogs, and I wanted to borrow the list of things this family cooks from scratch, to share what I personally do.

These are things I have made from scratch at some point in my life, including working alongside of my mom. Sometimes I like to try new things, just so I'll know I can make them when needed, even if I don't make it a permanent part of my cooking repertoire. If it's in bold, I don't buy it EVER at this point in my life.

Pasta, ice cream, yogurt, cakes, muffins, pancakes, breads, bagels, frosting, creamed soup, gravy, soups other than creamed, pretty much any sauce, spaghetti sauce, 'hamburger helper,' biscuits, crackers, dips (without a mix), cheese balls, popcorn (from kernels), taffy, cookies, pudding, play dough, popsicles, ice cream toppings, fudge, breakfast foods, granola, graham crackers, granola bars, flour tortillas, jams, Spanish rice, refried beans, whipped cream, corn chips, pies including crust, personal wipes (like the Cottonelle wet wipes), macaroni and cheese, stuffing, dumplings, salad dressings, hot chocolate mix, sweetened condensed milk, evaporated milk, brownies (I prefer the mix flavor but have done them from scratch), cornbread (with fresh ground cornmeal), calzones, pita bread, hot pockets, pizza, bread crumbs, croutons, beans (I don't buy canned beans), various seasoning mixes, chicken nuggets, pumpkin (I don't buy canned pumpkin), doughnuts.

Things I hope to make in the near future:
Ravioli - I've since done this
Doughnuts - Done!
Corn tortillas
Apple turnovers
Mustard - I've since done this

Hopefully I remembered everything!

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Jaime said...

Holy mother of scratch!!! You're too much. I'm amazed at you!!!