Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dill-onion bread

Yesterday I made ham-potato soup and dill-onion bread to accompany it. This was a no-knead bread, so you just mix it a couple of minutes with a regular hand mixer, stir in more flour, and let it rise a lot. It didn't rise very high in the loaf pan, but at least it didn't fall in the middle.

Nathan deemed it very yummy, and I liked it too. It's a make-again recipe, except next time I'll add part whole-wheat flour.
On a side note, my currently open #10 can of dried onions is older and they have a different taste and color. They work fine for soup (and this bread), but are just...different. I found out why yesterday, when I finally looked at the label. They were canned 18 years ago. Talk about a great shelf life!


Jaime said...

Good to know on the onions!

Amy said...

That looks delicious with soup. Can't wait to see your version of the make-again recipes . . . as if you aren't busy enough :)