Sunday, April 4, 2010

Locked out!

The doorknob on our front door can be opened from inside, even when it's locked. It's called a panic knob or something like that. Since our door's always double-locked, it's really nice to only mess with the deadlock when leaving. We're used to it by now, so if we're going outside to get the mail, etc., we don't pull the door shut.

Nathan's family is here right now. This morning they were leaving for the day, and I was helping them carry out their picnic lunch. There was ice on the driveway and snow on the ground. It was in the 20s. Because I was only going out for a minute, I was in short sleeves and sandals. It wasn't that cold.....until I saw the last person "being helpful" and closing the front door. I yelled but it was too late. So there I am, not dressed for the weather, and Nathan is sound asleep upstairs. He sleeps like the dead.

I grabbed the snow shovel and climbed into the snowy herb beds, and started banging on the bedroom window with the shovel handle. It seemed like forever (even more so since my feet were now covered in snow), but he actually woke up pretty quickly.

It was actually pretty funny, but not an experience I'd care to repeat too often!

Happy Easter. He lives. :)

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