Thursday, April 8, 2010

Copyrighted recipes

I mentioned previously that I was leery about sharing recipes from the bread cookbook while I bake my way through, since it's copyrighted.

I found this article which may answer my concern.

It seems that only the instructions are copyrighted. Since I almost always alter recipes, I think that if I cite the source of the recipe and include my own instructions and my possibly altered ingredients, it will be okay to share the good recipes on here.

If you don't mind, please look at the article and vote on the poll on the right. Thanks so much!


Amy said...

Ok, I read the article and I think it's fine if you cite the cookbook and make your changes. I'm excited to see the recipes for the most popular ones. The jam kuchen and the tea scones looked delicious too.

Jaime said...

I didn't read the article and I think it's fine. I'm very confident in your reading comprehension skills!

Danna said...

So it seems to me that since a)your not going to put the whole cookbook on here, and b)you will write what you did, then it seems to be in the paramiter of safe. I say just use common sence and all will be fine! :)

Gloria Chadwick said...

Hi... Thanks for the link to my post on Cookbooks and Copyrights. I wrote that post in relation to writing a cookbook and including one or two recipes... not the whole cookbook.

In your post you say you're going to "bake your way through the cookbook" and share the recipes while changing the methodology and possibly tweaking the ingredients.

Even if you cite the source, this is not okay to share the whole cookbook on your blog, even if you make some changes. It would be okay to share 5 or 6 recipes, but not the entire cookbook. You might want to write to the publisher to ask permission to do this first.

Cherish said...

Gloria - Thank you for your comment. I am cooking through the entire book, but I was not planning on sharing all of the recipes. I was only planning on a few of them.

Still, I like your idea of writing the publisher to cover my bases. Thank you!