Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March food update and a little prank

Okay, my fridge is literally jammed with food. Amazing how that can happen on a small grocery budget. I ended up spending $32.53 on groceries on Saturday. The cheez-its were a reduced size box and not a good deal at all (I'll just make some), 50 lbs. of flour cost 13.60, and I bought sunflower seeds. Tammy - those were sale prices, but yeah, groceries seem to vary a lot around the country.

Boneless skinless chicken breasts just went on sale for 1.29/lb. in 10 lb boxes. So nice! Normally this price only comes in 40 lb boxes and this time I can choose between freezing and canning. I'll probably do some of both. I'm going to spend a bit extra this month so I can stock up on chicken.

We had haystacks last night and I made WAY too much food. I also made applesauce cake (a no-egg recipe), so yeah, the fridge is full. Right now I have sourdough french bread on its second rising, and I'm thinking today's soup will involve pink beans and hamburger, and taste somewhat like baked beans. I still need to blend up some powdered milk and whip up flax-seed eggs for the cornbread.

Okay, so I can't describe this well enough to do it justice, but last night we pulled a prank on a missionary who just arrived in our area the night before. His companion was in on the joke. My sister-in-law flew into town yesterday, and brought a male friend to our house. Sarah and I pretended to be polygamist wives of Nathan. [Side note - mainstream Mormons (LDS members) do not practice polygamy anymore, but there are other offshoot religions in Utah that practice polygamy.]

We wore plain skirts and long-sleeved sweaters, pulled our hair back in buns, and were really quiet and subservient. Her friend pretended to be her younger brother. We subtly dropped hints about us both being wives, and the missionary started to feel really awkward.

Finally Nathan just straight up said it was hard supporting two wives, and we all lost it. I managed to disguise my laughing as a crying fit, and left the room saying that I was so upset, since he was supposed to keep our lifestyle quiet. Sarah pretended to choke on her cake and left for the bathroom. After a fake fight in the bedroom, I loudly kicked Sarah out of "our bedroom" and we both went back to the table. I apologized and said I should have come to terms with the situation by now.

Shortly thereafter, Nathan said we enjoyed having the elders for dinner, and asked if they liked being "had". That was the giveaway, but the missionary didn't catch on, so Sarah and I burst into the room laughing, stripped off our sweaters, and explained. The missionary had totally fallen for the situation and said we acted just like some polygamists he had met previously.

It was so hilarious.


Jaime said...

Oh my gosh, that is freakin' hilarious!!!!! You're my hero.

Amy said...

Hilarious - that missionary is going to have something to write home about! Wish we could have seen it.