Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sourdough french bread & Cornbread

Today I made sourdough french bread and cornbread, two new recipes in one day, woo-hoo! I'm not used to working with straight white flour dough, so the french bread was too soft and spread a lot. It still had a good crusty feel to it, and tasted fine. My coworker-taste-testers gave positive reviews.

I prefer my normal cornbread recipe. On this one, I used whole wheat flour instead of white flour, which I always do. I also used the flax seed egg substitute. This caused it to be pretty healthy looking. My taste-testers are horrible people and failed to give me feedback. ;) Well, except for one. He said it was okay but it seemed like it belonged at The Last Supper. I think that's because of the flax seed flecks. I thought it tasted okay but I wasn't very impressed.

So there ya go. Another long day where I tried to do too much. Even more food to eat. Two more recipes down. Now if only I could find where the pencil went so I could mark them off in the cookbook.... heaven forbid I use a pen in a book. My mother's lessons still linger on in my head...

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Amy said...

That sourdough bread looks especially yummy to Adam.