Saturday, February 27, 2010

Pecan tea biscuits

Yesterday's recipe was pecan tea biscuits. At 5am, I scraped the bucket and got the last two cups of white flour, and hauled some pecans and butter out of the freezer, but alas, I have no eggs. With encouragement from my friend Danna, who is experienced in this substitution due to her daughter's egg allergy, I finally substituted flax seed for eggs.

I threw flax seed in the blender until it was mostly a fine powder with some chunks left over.
Then I mixed 1 T ground flax seed with 3 T water and whisked it until it got thick and gelatinous. Hard to capture that particular texture in a photo.
Danna had suggested straining the larger particles out for appearance's sake, but since my recipe also included finely chopped pecans (which I actually blended as well), I figured they wouldn't be noticeable.

These are the pecan tea biscuits ready to go in the oven. They were pretty small. The recipe made 40 biscuits.
Here's half the batch all done.
My coworkers were the taste-testers this time. I got lots of positive reviews! These were not cookies, but tiny biscuits with pecans mixed in and cinnamon sugar on top. One person said to mention, you can't eat just one.

Oh, and the flax seed / egg substitute worked just fine! I never would have known the difference. I ground enough flax seed to last me through several more recipes, so I hope it keeps working for me.


Jaime said...

Great job!!!

Danna said...

Yea, gosh that would have been awful if I got to the end of the post and you said it ruined your recipie!! :) They sound yummy, wish we were closer so we could taste test them!