Saturday, February 27, 2010

Grocery shopping and menu planning

I've been a slacker for months about menu planning, but my sister recently did it and I felt guilty. I'm actually going to start March's grocery shopping today, since the sale ends on Monday and I dislike shopping on weeknights. Plus I need to hit up the bulk foods store and we'll be near it today. Here's the plan.

1 lb bananas - .50
~5 lbs butternut squash - 2.50
tomatoes @ 66 cents/lb. - 1.00
lettuce - .60
3 avocados - 1.00
crunchy noodles - 2.00
~ 3 lbs. ground beef - 4.50
--->These next two items are Nathan's birthday presents so I'll probably use the presents budget for them.
5 cans juice concentrate - 5.00
3 boxes cheez-its - 4.50

50 lbs. white flour - ~14.00 (price may have changed since my Aug 09 price list)

Food I plan to make this week, Sat-Fri (to cover all meals, we eat leftovers for any meal):
Potato bread (for the sacrament)
Bacon bread
Sunflower seed bread
Chocolate muffins (from a food storage mix)
Cornbread (work potluck)

Chicken salad sandwich filling
Tuna salad sandwich filling
(Nathan will use the tomatoes, lettuce, and avocado in his sandwiches too, a nice little splurge.)

Last week's leftover sausage-veggie soup, minus the blah broth, baked with cheese sauce
Haystacks (I think we're having the missionaries over for dinner)
Spanish rice w/butternut squash on the side
Some form of bean soup with meat (also for the work potluck)
Potato-squash soup
One of my Mexican-rice-casserole-concoctions with cheese and cornflakes on top

That should give us more than enough food, with some leftovers extending into next week.


Ryan and Tammy said...

Those are some really cheap groceries. You wouldn't find them that cheap around here!!!

Danna said...

Do you shop once a week? I do every two weeks except the farmers market. Of course that was when life was "normal". But we are working at getting back to regular routines. It is easier to run to the store here though!! (4 min. vs. 30min!!)