Friday, February 26, 2010

Whole wheat bread and herb loaf

The latest recipes - whole wheat bread and herb loaf.

The whole wheat bread was only sampled by Nathan. He thought it was fine. It was used as sacrament bread. (I did have one comment from someone at church saying they liked the sacrament bread.) I prefer my normal whole wheat bread recipe, as it is easier to make. I did bake it at a lower temperature than specified, as the temperature seemed too high and the whole wheat sourdough in the prior week got overdone.

Since I already had the ingredients out, and the oven warm, I chose to make a second recipe. "Herb loaf" did not require much kneading. It is intended to be a thicker casserole bread. As near as I can tell, that means you don't shape it into a normal loaf, you don't knead it much, and the texture is heavier.

I cut a nice wedge for Nathan and spread butter on both sides. He agreed it was a bit dense, but it was intended to be that way. It would go well with soup. Our taste-testers liked it, even their child who doesn't like whole wheat bread. Their dog also liked it. :P

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Jaime said...

Their dog liked it? What in the world?