Thursday, December 17, 2009

Finding blessings in the hard times

Some of you know I've been trying to get pregnant for two years now. I'm not interested into getting into the details. My point is, even in the hardest trials of our lives, we can find blessings.

I am insanely grateful for my support system....especially my sister, my friend at work, and a wonderful group of friends I've found online.

I'm grateful for the many people who pray for me.

I'm grateful for my patriarchal blessing that reassures me I will be a good mom one day.

I'm grateful for the opportunities to grow closer to Nathan and my Heavenly Father on the hard days.

I'm grateful for all that I will never again take for granted, and for the understanding and empathy I've gained for so many other people's situations.

My heart aches for my cousin who had a D&C today, and my wonderful friend Jodie who learned today that her baby no longer has a heartbeat, in a pregnancy it took two years to achieve. I would rather wait another two years to get pregnant than to miscarry. (I'd better not have just cursed myself into another two years. *eyes rolling*) As I sit here crying for them, I think of the scripture that talks about mourning with those who mourn. I wish I could do more than just grieve and pray for them...


Amy said...

Thanks for sharing such hard things. Know that we are praying for you too. You and Nathan will make fabulous parents and we can't wait for the day that happens for you both. That time will be so much more precious because of the hard times it is taking to get there.

Spinster Family said...

oh cherish baby, thank you for sharing all this on your blog. We all have our trials though and sometimes all we can do is to sit it out and wait. I know you will be a mom, when I first saw you I knew it. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend and for helping me through this horrible year. I am still praying for you and that it will happen. I have already seen your baby in my dream and you know my dreams are always right on!

I miss you. HUG HUG HUG, Caro

Michelle said...


My heart goes out to you. My P blessing says that same thing but the doctors say otherwise. Everytime I see someone who can conceive or that loses a child, it hurts me to the core. I know that one day Heavenly Father will bless me with a husband and children. I think that the waiting is the hardest part ever.

I love you and Merry Christmas!

Michelle said...


Together We Save said...

I know God must have a special plan for you. As hard as it must be (and I can not imagine) try to look for his guidance.

Evie said...

Cherish, I am grateful in MY life that you came into our family, I just LOVE you! I am so sorry that you have had to go through all this. Go eat some brownies and dip!:)