Saturday, January 16, 2010

It's never too cold to grill!

It may not have gone above freezing today, but we wanted hamburgers! We defrosted some buns I made a few months ago.

Nathan braved the cold.... sandals. Standing next to snow.
He insisted I capture a picture of the bun stuffed with goodness. He's always a big fan of my food.


Amy said...

We agree! We had the missionaries to dinner last night and had steak. I had to get the snow shovel out earlier in the day to clear off the deck and make a path to the grill. But it's worth it - some things taste SO much better cooked on the grill. And it was great Adam didn't have to work - he got to brave the cold instead of me.

Jaime said...

Awww, I love a husband who's always a fan of your food!

Danna said...

OOO, can you show mw how to make hamburger bunz sometime!! PLEASE!! :)