Saturday, December 5, 2009

Fudge failures

Apparently fudge making is an art. I thought until today that I just did dumb things when making it.

Age 17 - tried to make fudge from an easy recipe using mostly chocolate chips. Unfortunately I had been raised in a sugar-free home and I didn't know the difference between powdered and granulated sugar. The fudge was so disgustingly grainy.

Tried the recipe again a few years later and it came out okay, but not amazing.

One or two years ago - tried making peanut butter fudge. Except I doubled the recipe and used too small of a pan, so it was trying to boil over. I frantically poured half into another pan and then I had two overflowing pans. I wasn't able to heat it to the right temperature and it never set, even when I put it in the freezer. Very disappointing.

I really do love good fudge and I decided to try again this year.

Today - made pumpkin fudge and chocolate-cherry fudge. I thought I followed the pumpkin fudge recipe. It set, but the texture isn't right at all. The chocolate fudge recipe was a bit different, and I almost followed those instructions perfectly. It set and it's kinda creamy, but not quite right. I googled "fudge troubleshooting" and found this great article. Now I know EXACTLY what I did wrong and it's no wonder the pumpkin fudge texture is so off. Feel free to read the article and then make me some luscious fudge. ;)


Jaime said...

Yeah, feel free to perfect it yourself and bring me some!! hahaha

Amy Snell said...

I have a FABULOUS fudge recipe that I will email you :) You will not mess it will love it :)

Amy said...

Well, I read the article and I don't do it that way but most of the time our fudge turns out. I remember the first times I made it without my mom in college. One time it was so hard, we had to chisel it out of the pan to eat it and the other time, it was so soft we ate it with a spoon. Fortunately, it still tasted good.

We'll be bringing you by some of our traditional two-tone fudge shortly. Maybe even tonight (you're on one of the first delivery routes) - we made fudge last night.