Saturday, September 19, 2009

Canning kitchen

I just learned about the concept of a separate kitchen just for canning. Apparently my friend's cousin has one, complete with a floor drain and a big spray nozzle so you can just spray away the stickiness. Can you imagine just being able to walk away from the canning mess and have room to cook dinner (and eat it, for that matter) in your normal kitchen? This is what my kitchen looks like when I'm canning. Pots, jars, bowls, towels everywhere! Not to mention the sticky floor.

We were blessed to pick a batch of free apples and I've spent hours on them. Nathan helped me today and we were in the kitchen for 5-6 hours straight. I have a small gouge in my finger where using a knife formed a blister, popped it, and then irritated it even more. We're almost done!

(This was the before picture. We're down to about half a box.)


Danna said...

Oh wow, and super cool on the free part!! I am so very envious of all your canning! :)

Amy said...

I think apples are the hardest to put up and the most time consuming - so GREAT JOB. That's a lot of apples.

Lately, I've just been going to my mother-in-laws to can. So much easier - she has a bigger kitchen and it is a lot easier with someone else to help. I'm also getting really good at mopping her floor, because we make an incredibly sticky mess too.

Ryan and Tammy said...

um, ouch!