Sunday, September 20, 2009

What to make next?

Thanks for voting in my poll! Sadly it tied across the board. What are the odds. I guess I will make whichever one I crave the soonest...bagels, doughnuts, corn chips, or corn tortillas. I made whole wheat flour tortillas for our tacos tonight and they were really good. I'm getting better at making them thin enough.

My friend Susan is bringing some homemade salsa to us tonight, so Nathan wants me to make homemade whole wheat thins to go with the salsa. Those are super easy and pretty tasty, if you've never tried them.

I already make a lot of things from scratch but I'm going to be doing a lot more, due to the tighter grocery budget. Expect some tasty pictures in the near future!


Danna said...

We have recently embarked on making more things from scratch, pre-made things without dairy and eggs are more expensive and we have found ourselves in the same possition as you (only my job does not pay!) :) Could you send me your wheat thin recipe I remember how good they were! We have been making big pretzels, and tortillas!

Ryan and Tammy said...

Oh, so the newest thing I have discovered, yogurt. So easy, cheap and well yummy. How do you do tortillas? Mine were not near as good as a hispanic lady in my ward...