Sunday, September 13, 2009

Our crazy life

Here is the update on our lives.

My department at work was restructured and my team is temporarily on a new floor, while a new location is being remodeled for us. My cubicle is huge and I have two windows and I'm so happy.

Here is the view from my desk. It was a smoggy day.

Pat and Jerry Roseberry were in Utah so we had a nice visit with them. Pat and my mom have been good friends since I was a kid, and I spent hours at their house.

While we were saying our goodbyes, Nathan was playing with the camera.

Nathan chopped down a volunteer tree that got taller than me before we really noticed it. It was growing right next to the house and couldn't stay there.
Nathan buzzed his head and stopped halfway to take pictures.

Nathan loves to play with the cats.
I made a german pancake and it rose really high on the edges.
I canned 7 quarts and 15 pints of pear sauce, and 32 pints of chicken (but 4 didn't seal). We shared a lot of pears with friends too.
Yesterday the vacuum broke. Here's Nathan "operating" on it.
Then I mopped the floor after all the canning stickiness. The mop broke when I was almost done and spilled rust all over the clean floor. Here's how I finished mopping.
Some other non-picture updates on us.

- Nathan was fired two weeks ago (drama - let's not get into it). That same day, the car required a $400 repair.
- We've been very blessed. My income has grown so we can live on my income, with a little cutting back. We have money in savings and an awful lot of food storage.
- The car accident settlement was a lot lower than expected. We didn't expect to get anything after the bills were paid. A few days after Nathan lost his job, the attorney informed us he had negotiated down the medical bills and reduced his fee, so we got a check for $6400. Taxes and tithing take a chunk of it, but still, what a blessing.
- I was released from my calling at church. I have been assigned to work with the children for the past 3 1/2 years. This has been bittersweet for me. I've spent a lot of time and it's nice to have those responsibilities off my shoulders. I've grown to love the kids a lot though, and in a way, I'm struggling to re-define who I am. There are a few other factors making this change hard. Anyway, moving on!


Ryan and Tammy said...

you are officially a busy woman. You will never sleep once you throw kids in there.

Jaime said...

ch ch ch ch changes...dude, Nathan's hair was really long!

Amy said...

What a lot of adventures you have experienced the last little bit. Life is always changing and making things exciting. Thanks for the pears - we made some pear sauce too. And I love the view from your work windows. Hope the next location is just as fabulous.

Anonymous said...

Holy Moly! Was that a week or a month or a summer? That's a lot to learn in one little blog, I can't imagine having lived it.

Cherish said...

Rachel - That was about 2 weeks.

Michelle said...

Oh my goodness! I miss Pat and Jerry so much. They look really good. If you have their email and or phone numbers, let me know.