Saturday, August 8, 2009

Flooding, flax seeds, and canning

Today involved all kinds of fun! I went to help clean the toys in our church nursery and we managed to spill a bucket of water in the room where the cleaning supplies are kept. Here's my friend Lisa mopping up the mess. I promise I put down the camera and helped right after this!

After two hours of fun there, I came home and threw in a load of laundry, then headed to Honeyville Grain to pick up some food storage items. Since my granola was so yummy and disappeared so fast, I decided to get larger bags of flax and sunflower seeds while I was there. I'm really into flax seeds lately - grinding them up into smoothies, throwing them in oatmeal, or putting them in granola. Hopefully I finish this bag before it goes bad.

I had to take a little break when I got home, since I hadn't eaten anything yet and I'd been lugging around 25 and 50 lb. bags. Time for more laundry! Thanks to the poll results, I ordered more laundry detergent samples. Peppermint and lemongrass orange.

Fast forward until tonight. A neighbor brought me apricots from her tree. As you've seen, my freezer is full right now. After thoroughly enjoying fresh apricots, I decided to can apricot sauce (think applesauce, but with apricots). Each blender batch tasted a little different. Some had cinnamon, some cloves, and one time I added too much lemon juice so two jars will be a bit tart. Anyway, they are all yummy and I'm sitting here listening for jar lids to make their magical popping sound. I've only heard two and there are eight jars. PLEASE SEAL!!!

Edited to add: They all sealed!


Jaime said...

You're amazing. How am I related to you? I'm the middle, lesser-known, talent-deprived sister.

Cherish said...

Oh whatever.... I could shout your praises from the rooftop.

Amy said...

I also love that magical 'ping' sound. So far, all my canning has sealed!

Danna said...

I keep our open bags of flax seeds in the fridge and the un-opened ones in the larder and have never had any go bad. But I hear pre-ground flax seeds go bad quickly! :)
I have yet to can anything this year and I am not sure I'll do much with this litttle one!

Evie said...

You ARE AMAZING Cherish!:)

Ryan and Tammy said...

I envy you for your canning abilities. Hey what is eves email so I can add her to my blog list.